EFILive V8 Release Notes

June 2021 Public Release - Update 2


Version Numbers

         V8 Software: V8.3.7

         V7.5 Software: V7.5.36



         FlashScan/AutoCal V3: Firmware: V3.00.065 (Jun 17, 2021)
Boot Block: V3.00.005 (Oct 20, 2020)

         FlashScan/AutoCal V2: Firmware: V2.08.175 (Jun 17, 2021),
Boot Block: V2.08.009 (Feb 27, 2021)


EFILive V8


         When loading a tune file for comparison, if the alternate tune file's operating system is not supported, either via an EFILive defined *.cam file or a user defined *.cax8 file, then no comparison is attempted.

         Changed the "Copy as Lua Source" hot key from Shift+Alt+C to Ctrl+Alt+C to prevent clashing with the tune tool window's "Capture Screen to Clipboard" hot key which is also Shift+Alt+C.

         When opening calibrations using the favorites hotkeys (Ctrl+Shift+0..9), sometimes the wrong calibration was opened, sometimes no calibration was opened.

         Fixed configuration/setup problems with speedo calculator.

         Speedo calculator window now closes when the parent tune file window is closed.

         Fixed fault where scripts running from the command line were not retrieving FlashScan's/AutoCal's license number correctly - which caused problems when applying security options to tune files.

         Added Cummins injection timing calculator.

         Added cax8 section [AddressOffset] to allow similar cax8 files to share address lists where blocks of calibration addresses differ by the same offset.

         Added option when selecting scan-tune PID links to override the unit matching and allow any PID to be linked to any axis, regardless of units. This option is primarily to allow PIDs to be selected to link with tune axis that have no units.


Calibration Updates

         GM T43

         GM E80

         GM E78

         Cummins CME (CM2350B).

         Cummins CMF (CM2450B).


EFILive V7


         Version synchronization.


FlashScan/AutoCal V3


         Re-enabled the "Cummins BBF" option in the configuration editor.


FlashScan/AutoCal V2


         Updated the CAN PCI block size handling to the same as V3.


Documentation Updates

         GM Diesel User Guide.pdf

         Dodge Cummins User Guide.pdf

         Cummins HD File Conversion Guide.pdf

         Cummins HD User Guide.pdf


Known Issues

         When logging DMA PIDs (i.e., PIDs whose names end with "_M" or "_DMA"), if the ignition is switched off for an extended period while data logging but data logging is not terminated, then when the ignition is switched on again the data log automatically continues. However, the DMA PIDs may no longer return valid data.

Workaround: EFILive recommends stopping the data log and restarting the data log when switching off the ignition for extended periods.