EFILive V8 Release Notes

February 2021 Beta 3


Version Numbers

         V8 Software: V8.3.5

         V7.5 Software: V7.5.34



         FlashScan/AutoCal V3: Firmware: V3.00.060 (Feb 27, 2021)
Boot Block: V3.00.005 (Oct 20, 2020)

         FlashScan/AutoCal V2: Firmware: V2.08.170 (Feb 27, 2021),
Boot Block: V2.08.009 (Feb 27, 2021)


NOTE: FlashScan/AutoCal V2 boot block has been updated. You must update the boot block to V2.08.009, then update the firmware to V2.08.170


EFILive V8

Due to the new security/encryption option in this release, all tune files saved using V7.5.34 or V8.3.5 of the software or V2.07.169 or V3.00.059 of the firmware will no longer be compatible with older versions of the V7 or V8 software.
If you distribute tune files to other users (i.e., your customers), the recipients must be:

         using version V7.5.34 or V8.3.5 or a later version of the software.

         using version V2.07.169 or V3.00.059 or a later version of the firmware.




V8.3.5 (Beta 3)

         Added JTAG import option for E86B files. Please watch for and report any invalid check sums detected in the "Boot Software" segment after importing E86B JTAG files.

         Removed the base/empty 99999999.cam files and replaced them with named files that better reflect the controller type being supported. E.g., _E38.cam is the new name of the base/empty E38 *.cam file.

         Optimized FlashScan V2 BBX flash speeds for encrypted files. FlashScan V2 will now flash encrypted files at the same speed as AutoCal V2.

         Removed intermediate "Config files have been copied" dialog box when programming a BBX quick setup file to a FlashScan/AutoCal device.

V8.3.5 (Beta 2)

         Scan Tool filter tool bar button is now available on [Data], [Gauges] and [Maps] tab pages, instead of just on the [Charts] tab page.

         Changed the tune tool window title bar to display just the filename instead of the full pathname.

         Added blank *.cam files (99999999.cam) for most currently supported controller types. That means you can now generate *.cax8 files for operating systems that have not yet been mapped by EFILive.

         Added segment import/export support for E86A and E86B controllers.

         Added a 2nd parameter to the script function _efiOpenFile() to allow just the file's meta data to be loaded - useful for analyzing the meta data of encrypted files, which otherwise could not be opened.

         Added a 4th parameter to the script function _efiSaveFile() to activate encryption when saving a file from a script. Saving an encrypted file requires a FlashScan V3 device to be connected.

         Added option to securely encrypt *.ctz and *.coz tune files to allow for secure distribution. Saving an encrypted file requires a FlashScan V3 device to be connected. Once encrypted the files cannot be easily decrypted (i.e. they cannot be viewed or edited), they can only be black box flashed using a FlashScan or AutoCal device.

         V2 devices must use firmware V2.7.169 or later to flash encrypted files
Note: Black Box Flashing an encrypted file on V2 FlashScan devices can take 5-10 times longer than a non-encrypted file. Black Box Flashing an encrypted file on V2 AutoCal devices takes about 1/3rd longer.

         V3 devices must use firmware V3.00.059 or later to flash encrypted files.
Note: Black Box Flashing an encrypted file on V3 devices takes about the same time as a non-encrypted file.

V8.3.4 (Beta 1)

         When the default paste setting is not set to "overwrite" a warning message is shown to the user that explains the default paste setting is not set to the default "overwrite" option, but instead is set to one of: add, subtract, multiply or error correction.

         Added reading of currently supported GM controllers for vehicles with a Serial Data Gateway Module.

         Added built-in support for ECMs secured using 5-byte seed/key locks (Auth-code purchase no longer required).

         Added [F4: OBD] VIN change option for all generic CAN controllers to allow VIN change to be performed on any CAN module with CAN ID in the range $7E0..$7E7.

         Added seed/key unlock option to [F4: OBD] VIN change.

Bug Fixes:

V8.3.5 (Beta 3)

         Updated the right-click "Paste" context menu (and sub-menus) on the "Conversion" tab page to be the same format/layout as the right-click "Paste" context menu on normal calibration tables.

         Fixed user defined PIDs not recording the correct data when black box logged on V3 devices.

         Fixed tune file version checking that prevented BBX quick setup files being programmed to devices even when the file's and firmware's versions were compatible.

         Fixed reading issue for CM850, CM870 and CM875 controllers where a successfully completed read may have been missing data from the ECM that would result in a no start if flashed back in. Files read after June 2019 may be unusable, files read prior to June 2019 should be ok.

         Added T43 calibrations (in the range D11xx) that were missing from V8 editor.

         Saving an E98 *.coz file creates a file with missing data. That will cause a $06FF (checksum) error if that *.coz file is flashed into an E98 controller.

         Custom operating system (COS) upgrades are not being applied completely.
If you have applied a COS upgrade to any tune file using the V8 beta software, please delete the resulting tune file(s). Those partially upgraded tune files will contain only a partial COS upgrade which will not work and may cause problems if flashed into a vehicle.

V8.3.5 (Beta 2)

         After saving a file "for AutoCal", then re-saving the file (not "for AutoCal"), the AutoCal remote license number remained set in the saved file, effectively performing a save "for AutoCal" again.

         Calculated PIDs that computed a divide-by-zero, displayed as flat-line zero for all frames - instead of just for the frames that faulted with a divide-by-zero.

         Importing a segment file into the wrong segment of a tune file was not being prevented, causing corruption in the tune file.

         Scan tool [Data], [Gauges] and [Maps] tab pages were not updating to show filtered data only when a filter was applied. Also made filter tool bar button visible on all of those tab pages.

         Segment export folder names were being incorrectly generated with embedded spaces. The spaces are now correctly converted to underscores.

         Fixed wide band lambda and voltage scaling from AEM UEGO 30-0334 wide band controllers if/when the ECM requests non-standard scaling for wide band PIDs.

         Fixed right-click option for editing tune tool maps' row and/or column labels - was producing an "Access Violation".

         Fixed filename template format when using "no delimiter" between sequence number and <jd> (or any other numeric tag).

Known Issues:

         When logging DMA PIDs (i.e., PIDs whose names end with "_M" or "_DMA"), if the ignition is switched off for an extended period while data logging but data logging is not terminated, then when the ignition is switched on again the data log automatically continues. However, the DMA PIDs may no longer return valid data.

Workaround: EFILive recommends stopping the data log and restarting the data log when switching off the ignition for extended periods.

Calibraiton Updates

Dodge Cummins


Cummins Heavy Duty

         New/updated operating system CM2350A.

         New/updated operating systems for CM2250 and CM2350A.

GM Gas

         Added V8 editing for E92.

         New operating system for E82.

         Operating system update for E39.

GM Diesel

         New operating systems for E98.


         New operating systems for T43.

EFILive V7

V7.5.34 (Beta 2)

         Removed software registration requirements. That allows customers with only a FlashScan V3 devices to use the full features of the V7 software without requiring a FlashScan V2 device to be connected. It also means the V7 software is now fully functional for anyone who downloads and installs it.

V7.5.33 (Beta 1)

         Version number synchronization for V2 firmware update.

FlashScan/AutoCal V3


V3.00.059 (Beta 2)

         Added option to black box flash V2 or V3 encrypted *.ctz files.

V3.00.058 (Beta 1)

         Added built-in support for ECMs secured using 5-byte seed/key locks (Auth-code purchase no longer required).

Bug Fixes:


Known Issues:


FlashScan/AutoCal V2


V2.08.170 (Beta 3)

         Optimized encrypted BBX flashing on FlashScan V2 devices.

V2.07.169 (Beta 2)

         Added option to black box flash V2 encrypted *.ctz files.

V2.07.168 (Beta 1)

         Added built-in support for ECMs secured using 5-byte seed/key locks (Auth-code purchase no longer required).

Bug Fixes:


Known Issues:


Documentation Updates

(Beta 3)

         EFILive V8 Reference.pdf.

(Beta 2)

         EFILive V8 Reference.pdf.

         EFILive Error Codes.pdf.

         EFILive Command Line Reference.pdf