EFILive V7.5 and V8 Release Notes

Mar, 2016

Version Numbers

     V7.5 Software: V7.5.7, Build 303

     V8 Software: V8.2.2, Build 294

     FlashScan/AutoCal Firmware: V2.07.97 (Mar 04, 2016)

     FlashScan/AutoCal Boot Block: V2.07.07 (Feb 07, 2014)

Updates in the most recent release are shown in orange.

EFILive V7.5

Calibration Updates:

GM Gas

     E92 added support for 3 new OSs.

     E80 added support for 4 new OSs.

     E78 added support for 3 new OSs.

     E39 added support for 6 new OSs, parameter changes for all OSs.

     T43 added support for 3 new OSs.

     T87 added support for 1 new OSs, parameter enhancements for all OSs


GM Diesel

     E98 initial calibration release & DSP release for USA E98 controllers.

     E98 parameter enhancements for existing OSs.

     A50 initial calibration release for 2011-15 A50 controllers.

     E20 added support for 2 new OSs.



     Added Auto-Lock for selected operating systems for A50, E78, E92 and T43 controllers. A minor restriction exists for the A50 Auto-Locking: Auto-Locked files cannot be cal-flashed into A50 controllers, they must always be full-flashed.

     Added DMA PIDs to E92 controllers.

     Added DMA PIDs to E98 controllers.

     Prevented tool-tip popup that showed the maps filename from displaying on the Scan Tool maps. The tool-tip now only displays when the mouse pointer hovers over the map title.

Bug Fixes:

     Default scan tool maps were not being included in the V7 installation defaults folder.

EFILive V8

Known Issues:

     When Black Box Logging PIDs from an ECM and TCM simultaneously and a PID is selected from the transmission controller (TCM) that has an identically named PID in the engine controller (ECM), (i.e. RPM) then when the log file is opened in the V8 software for viewing, the TCM PID will be displayed as if it originated from the ECM. The PID's data will have correctly been logged from the TCM, only its name will appear to indicate that it was logged from the ECM.
Workaround: None. It is a restriction of the *.efi (V7.5 log file format). That restriction will be removed and the TCM PIDs will display their true origin once the V8 scan tool software is available.


     Update the Scan Tool Chart right-click menu copy options to make them consistent with the soon to be released Scan Tool Maps right-click options.

Bug Fixes:

     USB Manager is now supported on Windows 10.

     Fixed CVNs not displaying correctly for speedometer and System segments on some E67 controllers.

     Authentication code was not being generated correctly for very old FlashScan V2 devices.

     Fixed Access Violation if a PID selection filter is active when a new scan data log file is opened.

     Fixed Scan Tool not displaying signed negative values correctly.


Known Issues:

     When logging DMA PIDs (i.e. PIDs whose names end with _M or _DMA), if the ignition is switched off for an extended period while data logging but data logging is not terminated, then when the ignition is switched on again the data log automatically continues. However the DMA PIDs may no longer return valid data. EFILive recommends stopping the data log and restarting the data log when switching off the ignition for extended periods.



Bug Fixes:

     Prevented timer signals being incorrectly directed to the low speed CAN bus by blue FlashScan devices.

Documentation Updates

     Cummins 5p9L CM849 CSP5 User Guide.pdf

     Cummins 6p7L CM2100A CSP5 User Guide.pdf

     Cummins 6p7L CM2200 CSP5 User Guide.pdf

     Cummins 6p7L CM2350B CSP5 User Guide.pdf

     Cummins 2006-2009 Quick Start.pdf

     Duramax 2p8L 2014-2016 DSP4 User Guide.pdf

     Duramax E98 2014-2016 Quick Start.pdf

     EFILive AutoCal Info For Tuners.pdf

     EFILive Error Codes

     EFILocker COS Patch.pdf


Knowledgebase Updates

     Locking FAQ.

     Move Tune and Log Files to/from FlashScan V2/AutoCal